Pressing Forward

I find my strength in Christ who continues to strengthen me more and more each day. It’s not easy, but I WILL continue to press forward and share the gospel to whoever God brings in my path. It’s my purpose, now my passion as well as the calling over my life. Sharing my testimony more each day, I realize that Gods call in my life is very specific and something I will continue to grow in and unravel. No doubt, there are “rough” days, days where I’m not in the best of mood or days where my shine doesn’t glisten as bright as the day before. I have friends, co-workers, and a small handful of family members even who have doubted, mocked, and cursed my new found glory and redemption through the Father. I’ve had some block me from social media, dig up my past in hope of bringing shame to me and my testimony, spread false lies about the works I am doing in Gods name, accuse my spiritual family of teaching hate, etc…and I realize that this is something that’s going to continue to happen, but today, I am okay with that.quotephoto5c2387117716067724210033122.jpg My Creator sustains me each and every day and brings me hope, purpose, and power. Power to endure negative hearts and spirits, a purpose to spread God’s ultimate message of love, and a hope of leading other lost souls to redemption and salvation through The Great I Am, The ultimate Almighty. I WILL not stumble nor falter. My identity is found in the embrace of the Almighty, His love is the only mans love I really and truly need. A love that surpasses all understanding, a love so deep and personal to me. Some dont understand, and I get it, I really do. It’s not that they deliberately try to undermine me, they just don’t fully understand, which is why I continue to pray for them amidst their mockery and verbal assaults. I’ll keep it real with you , at this point in my life Its hard to label myself as “heterosexual” or having a desire to seek after women. And at the same time, homosexuality is an aspect of my life before Christ which no longer resonates with my soul. Am I sexually attracted to women? No. Are there still moments of weakness where inappropriate thoughts about men enter my mind? Sure. The difference though is my hearts desire. A desire which no longer seeks an identity based on sexuality, rather a much deeper and personal desire to find my identity which is found in God.img_20190225_234913_1878140458894617050097.jpg The truth of it all really lies in the peace, the knowing, and the spiritual growing , rooted in the gospel. Gods calling on my life surpasses all physical desires at this point of my life, and to be honest, i completely LOVE it. My desire is now on a spiritual level which has no boundaries or limitations as it is centered on Christ. To know i was designed with a heart to love others, and to now finally be honest with myself to start working on deep rooted issues of my past have really brought great revelation as to why i lived my life the way i did, full of resentment, pain, anger, no self-worth, and no hope of a happy future. Now, i am overwhelmed and so grateful to be born again with a real self love for myself, a desire to live purposefully, and a clarity of mind to seek God and his righteousness. Stay blessed and prayed up. God loves you as much as he loves me. You are special. You have worth and value. What the enemy saw as broken, God always and continues to see as CHOSEN. Stay blessed, and prayed up. God transforms and brings the most bestest redemption ever, I promise you, as I’m living proof. Stay prayed up friends. -MikeyLikey


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