My Testimony


My name is Michael Martinez. I am a 38 year-old born again Christian residing in Ontario, California. I surrendered my life back to God in May of this 2018. I was born in 1980 and spent my early childhood years growing up in a local grass roots church. During my early years in the Church, i was dedicated to God and had a deep loving relationship with The Father. My years growing up in the church saw powerful years of revival and and super-natural anointing’s and healing’s led by the Holy Spirit. My life as a young child of God, although presented with troubles in the household, had a deep sense of security, love, and peace, that only God was able to give me. I was introduced to porn at a very young age via my father’s stashed pornography and my cousins who watched it. I had a conflict of knowing that porn hurt my mother so I did not like to see women being objectified through porn, but was fascinated by the males role and bodies in the smut. I was growing confused, sexually, and growing apart from God.

My teenage years introduced my spirit to a world of rebellion and curiosity starting around the age of 12 where i found a connection and escape through “House” music via the underground I.E. “rebel parties” and “Happy Hardcore/Techno” music via the Los Angeles underground parties of the early and mid 1990’s. During my years of exploration, i found myself turning towards the LGBT lifestyle. I had thoughts of homosexuality in younger years, and came to a place where i honestly believed that i had been born Gay from the get go (something i even believed up until specific revelation from God in recent months). My early adult years saw my lifestyle turn into a darker place of lifestyle choices and unhealthy sexually driven addictions, accompanied by addiction to Marijuana, Meth, and Alcohol. My spirit which was once comforted, loved and found solace in Gods grace, had now somehow been taken over by a dark force powered by snares of manipulation, lies, and ultimate deceit and betrayal brought on by the Prince of darkness himself.

Fast forward to last year, May of last year to be exact. I was just living, thats all, breathing and living, spirit-less. I was at a place where i was not happy at all anymore. It’s funny when i tell people this because all anyone ever saw or knew of me for the past 20+ years was a mask wearing happy-go-lucky Mikey. Always laughing (while inwardly hurting), always smiling (on the outside), always there to lift other peoples spirit (while killing my own), always keeping it real (while being the biggest fake), and always standing up for Truth (while living a lie). And when i thought LIFE coudln’t get anymore crappier than it was, God showed me just how low my bottom would really be. That bottom in May, was all of my hurt and frustrations, found at the bottom of countless bottles of Whiskey and Vodka, digesting tiny pieces of crushed up bleach tablets to satisfy a strange craving caused by nutrients my body was lacking. I was never one to ever think about committing suicide, but in May, i was at a place where i was actually okay with dying a death from alcohol. My body was failing, my heart was hurting, and my spiritual life was dead.

…And then God happened! In that place of ultimate darkness, i surrendered EVERYTHING to God. I cant explain how or what it was, but i know i was done with it all. I was done with the addictions- to drugs, to alcohol, to sexual immorality, to self harm, to low self esteem. I was done with the emptiness- the reject, the pain, the sorrow, the loneliness, the lack of self worth, the lack of having purpose. I was ready to do anything God was to ask of me, if he could just take it all away and give me the peace and love i had known when i was that little kid in church growing up and dealing with life on Gods terms! I was ready to come back to the Father, ready to put the world behind me and the cross before me. When i called on God this time-he answered. I was delivered literally overnight from the alcohol and and from the desire of living a homosexual lifestyle. It’s still something new to me, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. My God is so amazingly awesome. That peace and joy i have come to know again is beyond words. The most blessed part of my testimony is the finding of my purpose in serving others for the desire of winning hearts to Gods kingdom.

In March of 2019, our family patriarch, my grandpa, or “Opa” as we called him passed away. He left behind a legacy rooted in pastoral missionary ministry over seas and was an integral part of planting so many seeds amongst my family. With his passing, came a deeper desire for me to not let his words and wisdom he shared my entire life not be lost or forgotten. He always told me ,”Mikey, you’ve gotta be RADICAL for Jesus”. And that’s how I am now living my life. I was always radical for all the wrong reasons and causes, it is now time to be radical for Jesus! In May, I attended my first Freedom March in Washington D.C. Meeting other radical soldiers for the Kingdom has encouraged me to stay strong and keep sharing my testimony, that of Gods love and redemption and how he took me from broken to chosen.

Works In Progress, Stay Tuned

Hi friends. I know, I know, it’s been a few months since my last update to you all. God has been doing so much in my life this past year, its crazily amazing. God is so good. I’ve been putting together a few updates as well as a couple poems which I’ll be sharing with you very soon. I have so much to catch you up on such as the passing of my grandfather “Opa” this past March and the legacy he left behind for his grandchildren, my first Freedom March which I attended in Washington D.C., God’s confirmations in my journey through The Living Word and Holy Spirit, how everything’s been going at my job, and like a mentioned, a couple short poetry writings I’ve revisited which speak volumes to my journey today. So stay posted, content coming soon. In the meantime I encourage anyone struggling with same-sex attraction or who has a friend or family member that is to KEEP praying. Remember, after 25 years, it was my family’s prayers through Christ, over my life which made a big impact on this prodigal son returning home. So stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more very soon. Stay blessed and prayed up. -Mikey Likey

Pressing Forward

I find my strength in Christ who continues to strengthen me more and more each day. It’s not easy, but I WILL continue to press forward and share the gospel to whoever God brings in my path. It’s my purpose, now my passion as well as the calling over my life. Sharing my testimony more each day, I realize that Gods call in my life is very specific and something I will continue to grow in and unravel. No doubt, there are “rough” days, days where I’m not in the best of mood or days where my shine doesn’t glisten as bright as the day before. I have friends, co-workers, and a small handful of family members even who have doubted, mocked, and cursed my new found glory and redemption through the Father. I’ve had some block me from social media, dig up my past in hope of bringing shame to me and my testimony, spread false lies about the works I am doing in Gods name, accuse my spiritual family of teaching hate, etc…and I realize that this is something that’s going to continue to happen, but today, I am okay with that.quotephoto5c2387117716067724210033122.jpg My Creator sustains me each and every day and brings me hope, purpose, and power. Power to endure negative hearts and spirits, a purpose to spread God’s ultimate message of love, and a hope of leading other lost souls to redemption and salvation through The Great I Am, The ultimate Almighty. I WILL not stumble nor falter. My identity is found in the embrace of the Almighty, His love is the only mans love I really and truly need. A love that surpasses all understanding, a love so deep and personal to me. Some dont understand, and I get it, I really do. It’s not that they deliberately try to undermine me, they just don’t fully understand, which is why I continue to pray for them amidst their mockery and verbal assaults. I’ll keep it real with you , at this point in my life Its hard to label myself as “heterosexual” or having a desire to seek after women. And at the same time, homosexuality is an aspect of my life before Christ which no longer resonates with my soul. Am I sexually attracted to women? No. Are there still moments of weakness where inappropriate thoughts about men enter my mind? Sure. The difference though is my hearts desire. A desire which no longer seeks an identity based on sexuality, rather a much deeper and personal desire to find my identity which is found in God.img_20190225_234913_1878140458894617050097.jpg The truth of it all really lies in the peace, the knowing, and the spiritual growing , rooted in the gospel. Gods calling on my life surpasses all physical desires at this point of my life, and to be honest, i completely LOVE it. My desire is now on a spiritual level which has no boundaries or limitations as it is centered on Christ. To know i was designed with a heart to love others, and to now finally be honest with myself to start working on deep rooted issues of my past have really brought great revelation as to why i lived my life the way i did, full of resentment, pain, anger, no self-worth, and no hope of a happy future. Now, i am overwhelmed and so grateful to be born again with a real self love for myself, a desire to live purposefully, and a clarity of mind to seek God and his righteousness. Stay blessed and prayed up. God loves you as much as he loves me. You are special. You have worth and value. What the enemy saw as broken, God always and continues to see as CHOSEN. Stay blessed, and prayed up. God transforms and brings the most bestest redemption ever, I promise you, as I’m living proof. Stay prayed up friends. -MikeyLikey


Strength In My Weakness


Hello my Broken 2 Chosen family. Happy 2019. I know it’s been a month since I’ve last posted. The end of 2018 came and went so quickly, as I’m sure it did for many of you as well. On top of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I found myself having a little bit of a “writer’s block” recently. So much has been going on in regards to me finding strength through my testimony since you last hears from me. I’ve been wanting to post and share where I’m at right now in my faith walk but couldn’t put it to paper these last couple weeks. Fortunately, last night, a very special friend shared 2 Cor. 2: 1-10 – Paul’s Vision and His Thorn, with our prayer chat group and it really struck a marvelous chord with my spirit. The reality and truth of me finding strength in my weakness couldn’t be more pertinent as it is right now in my life.


You know , finding freedom through Gods redemption has been a genuinely beautiful transformation for my mind, body, and soul. It’s also been a very humbling experience as well. It was literally only 4 or so months ago that I was beginning to find the strength and courage to really open my life up to everyone in regards to me leaving behind the life of homosexuality. I would have never imagined , even months ago, the strength I’d have, to proclaim Victory through Christ in this area of my life. I knew then, that I’d face adversary from friends, family and coworkers. I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. I knew I’d see tough days and face hard moments. I knew-or at least I thought I knew, but let me be honest, I had no idea! The physical battles I’ve faced recently fail in comparison to the spiritual warfare that awaited my testimony in the Worlds trenches. Dealing with the criticism, mockery, dis-belief, and zealousness of others as it pertained to my new walk with Christ, which chose to leave a gay lifestyle, has had a few hard moments. But, that’s all they were and will be in the future-moments. Moments which dont and will never lead me back into my sin for multiple reasons. Most importantly, God has been by my side and has had my back so much, that nothing they throw at me can even dent, let alone penetrate, my armor of Christ. Moreover,  my Heavenly Fathers love, grace, and mercy has given me so much insight and discernment in regards to seeing the pain and loneliness of these attackers. His love for me, has given me a heart to want to love them and pray for them, for they know not what they do. Now, what I have come to find that has left me beat-up, exhausted, weakened in moments I suppose, is the spiritual warfare aspect of this whole redemption song.


I had heard of the term spiritual warfare throughout my life. I understood it to be a battle of good vs. evil in the spiritual realm. I had heard family and friends talk about a spiritual battle that existed, but living my life in sin, it was something I never encountered since satan had already proclaimed victor of my soul in those dark times. He didnt need to wage spiritual warfare on me for I had already been defeated. That all changed when God proclaimed true Victory over my life. My ABBA knew the battle was always in the Kingdoms favor, so the moment I proclaimed my stake in the Heavenly Kingdom this past year, the devil began his desperate attempts at trying to use others to attack my testimony. When these attacks didnt work, the devils realization of my soul belonging to Christ and the rebuilding of my temple for the Kingdom caused him to launch an attack on my spirit in the spiritual world. I now knew the feeling of this “spiritual warfare” and learned after the first battle last year that I was going to really need to equip myself for the next round. Satan didnt knock me out, but he sure put me through a gauntlet of assaults that left me weary, exhausted, and drained. It’s hard to put into words, this spiritual warfare that is going on. It was one thing living in my sin, I was hopeless  and defeated as the devil had gotten me to error on the side of righteousness. But the grueling pressing in the moving forward of my journey is different. Theres an unseen presence of assaults manifested through the day to day. They come in the guise of angry and bitter coworkers who verbally attack and accuse to a point of overwhelming stress and breakdowns. They come in the forms of family members seeking escape through the very own chains that held me captive of my sins for so long. They manifest in warfare amongst my closest members of family and friends, who seem to be in the midst of the same warzone , just different battles. They come as attacks on my Grandfather’s health-attacking the General of Goodness in Hope’s that by taking him out, that the faith of my Grandmother and elders in our precious family , might be lost. They come as mind manipulators, blinding the hearts and confusing the eyes with mental games, where even the strong in Faith, fail to see the wrong doings of their Nazareth-narcissism . The battles and attacks of spiritual warfare comes in every way unimaginable,  and although its draining, it’s all in Gods hand, and in Gods hand, lies the Victory.


The victory has already come for me. In May 2018, my ultimate surrender, Victory claimed my soul and God presented me with my future, my calling.  The devil is so mad. I have found my purpose. I see Gods plan so clearly for me now and the outline for my life-my battle plan. I have now had my taste of spiritual warfare, the heat of its spice has nothing on the taste of my Fathers Milk and Honey. God has allowed me to not only sharpen my sword with the living word for battle, but He has been equipping me through reading, courses, encounters, dreams, listenings, people, the church, and the Holy spirit-with tools and weapons for the next round of spiritual warfare that Lucifer may throw at me. He has been strengthening me and my testimony to be able to stand strong and not grow weary as I continue to testify all of the great things the Father has done for me. God has given me new eyes to discern character, new ears to hear even his faintest of voices when He is speaking to me, a new mouth to speak righteously and genuinely from a place of surrender and authenticity,  a new heart to have compassion and love others, and a new desire-to win souls over for the Glory of the Kingdom. I’ve shared with my cousins,  other disciples of the Kingdom , that I really feel as if 2018 was a year of transformation . Our message to us leading up to the end of 2018, “Be still, and know that I am God”. 2019 I feel will be a year of warfare for the Kingsoms glory where Praise and Worship will be our battle cry going into the spiritual battlefields of work, ministry,  home-life, relationships, and family structure. It’s not a scary warfare though, it’s one we are charging into with a strong anointing and assuredness as we know victory is Gods. I am excited to be in the army of God for the Good fight. My words for 2019, “Do NOT grow weary”. With 2020, we believe in a 20/20 vision, where our visions , plans, and prayers will manifest physically for the eye to see. To see the Greatness of God and all his Power and Majesty.  God loves you my friend. He sent his only son to die for OUR sins and He knew us before we were conceived. Don’t let the devils lies keep you hopeless or lonely.  He has a purpose for you and will sustain you whole-heartedly.  Stay blessed and prayed up. -Mikey Likey

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Gaining Strength Through My Testimony


Hi Friends. Mikey Likey here. Just settling in from work this evening and reflecting on last nights Praise and Worship /Prayer I attended at a local faith based church here in the city of Claremont, Ca. My testimony, my personal story , of how Jesus freed this 38 year-man from addiction, self-destruction, and also the homosexual lifestyle has been something so precious, and empowering to me since giving my life back and surrendering my all to God in May of this year. You know, after surrendering my complete pain and hurt to God this year, it’s really been a pretty crazy , rapid, sometimes overwhelming Change and Spiritual growth experience for me. I feel that this time, in my surrendering, God heard the authentic cries from my spirits darkest regions, and it’s as if , actually it IS the reason, God has been so powerfully present in all aspects of my life now. I know that He knows, that I am now ready,  to fully serve him in all that I do,  and that means sharing the truth and boldness that finds sanctuary in my testimony.

I could sit here for hours and think about all the “why’s” and wonders of my journey. Why was I brought up in a household where my world, my mother endured what she did in her faith-walk living in a family structure with the obstacles that , how I viewed it, at times broke her spirit? Why didnt I have a healthy relationship with my father, or my ideal relationship I as a young child imagined it should have been? Why did God make me attracted to men? Why did I not have lustful desires towards women like my cousins who I watched pornography with did? Why did I act “differently” then how I was taught boys should act? Why did no other boys have the crushes on guys as I did, or did they? Why didnt I like sports, or better, why did I hate sports? Why wasn’t I athletically built? Why did I like to secretly play with my sisters barbies and design them clothes when my dad would be off coaching her soccer team? Why did I like arts and crafts, poems, and singing? Why did I have a flare for fun fashion? Why was I born GAY?

PhotoGrid_1544685847017As if my same sex attraction didnt confuse, sadden and scare me enough in it’s own complexity, I found out in my teen years I had an addictive personality with a taste for a lot of things un-satisfyingly delicious. My addictive personality manifested into full blown forms of addiction. In my teen years, I grew up in the Rave Techno music scene. I found that the culture was so welcoming to the misfits of society- the loners, the freaks,  the weirdos, the free spirited, the hippies, the unique, the gay, ME! In addition to it’s open doors, the Rave seen also introduced and enticed me to a new world of hallucinogenic drugs like acid (LSD), mushrooms, and ecstacy (MDMA). And my taste for the forbidden only got worse. My years following High-school discovered the demon of addiction in the form of meth. What started as a bump here and there turned into a waged out spiritual and mental war powered by crystal meth and the not-so- beautiful disaster it spews from its glass pipe. That addiction had a threshold over me for about 5 to 6 years until lifes circumstances led me to a point of surrender and God delivered me from that hold in 2005.

From 2005 til this year 2018, nothing really changed. Sure I was delivered from the meth, and I gave God all the glory, but I also made a false commitment. My spirit did not thrive, my addiction only transferred from the meth to marijuana and my biggest demon, since the meth monster, Alcohol. I never felt bad or convicted much, until later, about smoking pot, but the alcohol really took me for a loop. Looking back, I see that my overcoming to such a strong poison as meth, only allowed satan to trick my thought process into not realizing the true torment and despair in alcohol. In May, my month of ultimate surrender, and the point in which Gods promised Michael returned , alcoholism had brought me to the point of throwing up blood, yellowed eyes, deteriorating nail beds, trouble breathing, and off heartbeats. I was literally at a place being okay with thought of losing my life to alcoholism,  my life didnt see any hope or future, and I was in pain. I was lonely. I wasn’t finding happiness in my hookups with men anymore. I was tired of seeing my self as a 50 year old gay man visiting the WeHo bars every weekend only to be outshined by the younger flesh in the lifestyle. I had never found true love. I never knew love. I never even had a serious relationship.  I hated myself. I hated wearing 2 faces. I hated having to pretend to be the always happy-go-lucky lush at my job. I was tired of always singing and uplifting others when inside I was so spiritually dead. It wasnt me, it was so fake, and no one even realised, except God.

So, in May, God happened.  I cant explain exactly what, but I know, that God knew, that IT was time. So I surrendered. To me, and to my story, that surrender meant leaving the alcohol,  and any substances that altered my mind, behind me. I wanted to seek HIM more. I wanted to read His word more and I wanted to remember what I would be reading and I didnt want any substances to cloud or jog my memory, it’s so good now to soak it all in. My surrender also meant leaving the life of a homosexual man and sexually hooking up with men behind me. The cross before me, the world behind me. Now, my surrender does not mean I’ve turned my back on my LGBTQ community, friends, and family. I am just at a place where I’m choosing to not act on my own personal lustful and Immoral temptations, such I do not need to go into detail, but for me, yes, ugly and immoral. Call it celibate if you need to tag an identity to it, I identify now as a Man of Christ. I do not judge or preach against anyone, especially my gay family. How could I? I am that heart, I was just so broken at one point in time , that now I just want to share the hope and love I found in Jesus Christ with anyone who may be broken or hurt, for any reason. And in sharing my hope, I am also not trying to change anyone. People may say, in fact, that I’ve changed. And guess what? I have. And for the better. How can anyone close to me not see the change? In my giving my life back and proclaiming Gods victory. In my weight loss journey since May, down over 65 lbs. In my recovery from alcohol-now over 6 months alcohol free, literally delivered overnight. In my personal goals such as going back to school in January, getting my licence ,  and learning to play the guitar for #praiseandworship. So, it’s not that I’m trying to make anyone change, rather, I want to share how Gods love changed me so beautifully inward in Hope’s others who seek Him, will find what I have in Christ.

PhotoGrid_1544685963471And now, my journey, growing strong in God and totally realizing his calling on my life, finds me in a season on strengthening my testimony as it will be my weapon, my shield, reflecting Gods light in modern day real-life spiritual warfare. Before May, I NEVER told a group of Faith believers (outside of my family), my battle with homosexuality. Sure, I shared my battle with addiction to drugs and alcohol with them. I also shared my battles of depression, hurt, and low self esteem with believers. Those were easy things for me to open up to as I’ve heard others in church countless times sharing these same struggles. But boy oh boy was it hard to share my struggle with homosexuality in church. First most, I NEVER heard any other member in church , especially another male in my age range openly express any struggle with SSA that I struggled with. I felt convicted in my own heart enough through Gods word and Gods conviction , the last thing I needed to hear from the church was that I was following Satan and destined to go to Hell. It’s TRUE what they say, a church is supposed to be like a hospital where hurt and spiritually broken people go to seek help from ones who understand their pain or can help bring them to a resolution, restoration, healing. But imagine being broken, and you, knowing your body, know you have symptoms that seem dire so you finally decide to seek medical attention. Now imagine going to seek medical attention, and before evaluating, talking to you, taking your bio or cat scan, running any tests or giving any counsel, the doctor tells you straight out the gate “You’re going to die”. What would you do? Some might choose to get a second opinion, whereas as sadly, others may take the doctors word , go home thinking they’re destined to die,  and never return to a hospital again. Well, that’s how it was with me expressing my struggle. Until I finally came back to Christ to get the Ultimate authority’s verdict over of my life. And guess what, With Him, that verdict is eternal lasting life.

And now, having found that new life, God has placed my seed at a church in Claremont. This Curch was introduced to me through a cousin of mine who invited me to come check out a 9 week study course that the church was hosting back in May called Alpha. Through this 9 week study, which for me was more like a holy ghost fueled rubber banded rocket journey into the unknown of pure truth and holiness of my new walk with God. In those 9 weeks I mustered up the strength to fully open up and be transparent with this group who are now more of a spiritual family to me. On the 9th and final night of the study, God spoke to me and I trusted him to lead me into sharing my journey.  My true testimony, everything from the hurt, addiction and poor lifestyles was shared that night, and another wall inside of me was broken down. That night propelled me into proclaiming my victory for now i am an overcomer through Christ. The connection with the church now finds me committing to tuesday night praise and prayer worship. That’s where i was last night, in that state of praise and worship. Spoken words by a leader of the church prompted the spirit in me to give my testimony to the group , the adults and elders whom weren’t in the Alpha session but are a part of the churches flock. I had not shared my story and testimony with them and it was time. I released again years of hurt and pain but the release was so quenching and filling. The members placed hands upon me, and I felt the presence of the holy spirit as well as the Fathers as anointing over my life as I asked them to pray that I find the words to express Gods agape love to others in need of hope and redemption without coming from a place of hypocriticism or mis understanding. I thank God for planting my seed to spiritually grow with this family. I feel as if the seed to an amazing strong oak has been planted. I feel the roots will be my new foundation in my new life with Christ and the fertilizer that’s been scattered is that of leven (as was mentioned last night ) which will cause a strong and powerful rising. And with the growth and strength of this mighty oak, seasons will come, and the leaves, seeds, and fruits of my testimony and labor will prosper and drift from the tree, scattering its hope amongst the lost who seek refuge in its branches and find hope and compassion in the extension of the oaks branches, for they know that God has given new life and strength i what was once a mess of tangled wilted branches.

PhotoGrid_1544672935622This is why it is so important to me to share my true testimony. This is why last night was so important for me. I am learning now, the power God shines through my testimony. My testimony will be vital and key in others unlocking lies and false truths they may find and see in themselves.  Every step I take in opening up and sharing my testimony is another foot in my purpose and steps in my walk with Christ. Now  is my time to strengthen my story, my realization of the Truth. This is me finding strength, in my testimony, from BROKEN TO CHOSEN. Stay blessed and prayed up. -Mikey Likey

Break Time

Good morning friends! As I sit here at work on my break, I still trip out on where my mindset is this morning compared to where I was mentally just 7 months ago and the 20+ years before that. Although I’m not in church this morning, the church is alive in ME this morning. It’s important for me to let all my #LGBT friends and family know that firsthand, my story, which now finds itself in a new chapter that chooses freely to no longer identify as a homosexual man, has NOTHING to do with any “ideas” or “religious” views being “forced” upon me. I’ve ALWAYS been an individual to go against the grain and not let what others think affect my views or beliefs. Nor, does my new freedom have anything to do with my fellow disciples in Christ in which whom I’ve chosen to befriend and grow closer bonds with. No one in my spiritual family has anything negative to say about the LGBTQ lifestyle , or any other individuals for that matter. They, like myself just want to simply share our stories, serve our Father, and show ANYONE who may be feeling alone, hurt, sad, miserable, unhappy, and empty ,the Love and Light God has freely given to us. God Loves You. Just as He has always loved me, I just never loved myself enough to let the Holy Spirit in. I’ve never been one to let what people say affect or change me either. I’ve always had a voice of my own, a LOUD one, and it is now my time to stop being radical about all things un-pure and un-holy, and to start being radical for Jesus Christ. We dont get to choose the road God has always intended for our lives. Sure, we may choose to take the wide and broad open road of our liking and ill-sought desires, but as I found, with addiction, the Gay lifestyle, and the lack of Love for myself, THAT road just leads to emptiness. It is finally now, that as I choose to take the strait and narrow road, that I can perfectly see what’s  ahead for me, a life of complete, pure Love, peace, hope, purpose and Understanding. Please share this post with anyone who may need to be encouraged today, there is hope, even for a broken to chosen, 38 year old, former addict and homosexual. God is good! If you have any private questions or need personal prayer, feel free to send me private direct message by hitting the contact tab in the menu. Stay blessed and Prayed up! -Mikey Likey