Break Time

Good morning friends! As I sit here at work on my break, I still trip out on where my mindset is this morning compared to where I was mentally just 7 months ago and the 20+ years before that. Although I’m not in church this morning, the church is alive in ME this morning. It’s important for me to let all my #LGBT friends and family know that firsthand, my story, which now finds itself in a new chapter that chooses freely to no longer identify as a homosexual man, has NOTHING to do with any “ideas” or “religious” views being “forced” upon me. I’ve ALWAYS been an individual to go against the grain and not let what others think affect my views or beliefs. Nor, does my new freedom have anything to do with my fellow disciples in Christ in which whom I’ve chosen to befriend and grow closer bonds with. No one in my spiritual family has anything negative to say about the LGBTQ lifestyle , or any other individuals for that matter. They, like myself just want to simply share our stories, serve our Father, and show ANYONE who may be feeling alone, hurt, sad, miserable, unhappy, and empty ,the Love and Light God has freely given to us. God Loves You. Just as He has always loved me, I just never loved myself enough to let the Holy Spirit in. I’ve never been one to let what people say affect or change me either. I’ve always had a voice of my own, a LOUD one, and it is now my time to stop being radical about all things un-pure and un-holy, and to start being radical for Jesus Christ. We dont get to choose the road God has always intended for our lives. Sure, we may choose to take the wide and broad open road of our liking and ill-sought desires, but as I found, with addiction, the Gay lifestyle, and the lack of Love for myself, THAT road just leads to emptiness. It is finally now, that as I choose to take the strait and narrow road, that I can perfectly see what’s ¬†ahead for me, a life of complete, pure Love, peace, hope, purpose and Understanding. Please share this post with anyone who may need to be encouraged today, there is hope, even for a broken to chosen, 38 year old, former addict and homosexual. God is good! If you have any private questions or need personal prayer, feel free to send me private direct message by hitting the contact tab in the menu. Stay blessed and Prayed up! -Mikey Likey