My Journey Thus Far

Hi all, I’m back! Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been here. I thank you all for coming back and seeing where I’ve been in this journey God has laid before me. So just a little catch-up, as y’all know, I was born again back in May of 2018. In that season, my severe alcoholism had me cry out to God the day after Labor Day and ask Him to save me from that horrible addiction. God heard my prayers and answered them immediately overnight. I woke up May 28. 2018 and the complete desire to drink had been taken away from me completely. My deliverance from alcoholism was truly an act from God, I had no urges, craving, tremors, withdrawals, nada! Well, as I’ve come to learn how God works, I realized He wasn’t about to stop at just the alcohol deliverance, shortly after, God started speaking into many other areas of my life He wanted to heal me from, my sexuality (having lived as an openly “gay” man the past 24+ years) was next on His healing list. For the first time in my life, the scales of identity in homosexuality had been removed from my eyes as I saw that my identity was found in my Creator Jesus Christ and NOT my sexuality. “And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he regained his sight. Then he rose and was baptized;” Isaiah 35:5. This new revelation was completely new, exciting, and to be honest, a bit scary. To know in my soul that the life I had lived the past almost 25 years was a counterfeit to my true calling was one thing, but to live that new life out was going to take a radical boldness like I had never lived before. Being bold and radical for the world I was accustomed to, and God knew exactly how he would use that radical boldness for His glory. I would later discover the consequences of radical boldness without radical obedience, two very different sides of the same coin. The scales had been removed from my eyes and I found myself boldly sharing my new found TRUTH, my testimony with anyone with an ear to listen, especially if it brought God glory and hope to others. And while I was on fire the first 2 years after being born again, I found myself stumbling back into old patterns, behaviors, and strongholds for the first time in my Christian walk. I was not aware, let alone prepared for the unseen spiritual warfare that came with living a Holy life.

From that stumble 2 years after surrendering my life to God in 2020 and into this past Summer of 2022, I encountered spiritual warfare like never before. I thank God that He strategically put people in my life to teach me how to fight in the spiritual ( prayer, fasting, deliverance, covering, interceding, taking thoughts captive, using the Word, etc.) but that did not make the attacks any easier to bear. Spirits of lust, perversion, sabotage, low self-esteem, etc… came at me full force and I found myself in a cycle, much like a hamster wheel, that kept me going around in circles. But with each attack and fall I had, I learned something new, and I got back up again, and again, and again, each time going into each new battle a little bit more prepared. During this season, God was continuing to use me in ministry, but He had limitations on which doors He would open, while others, I knew He was keeping shut until I was ready and fully surrendered (this is where the radical obedience would later come in to play). So although I was finding purpose in the direction of my “calling”, I knew my heart had hardened a bit and that there were blessings and opportunities being hindered by my lack of complete surrender. I remember a big prayer of mine during this time was “God, please give me joy, the JOY of the Lord. I know I love you, but I don’t feel I exude your Joy the way I see it manifest in other believers’ countenance, please let others see that Joy when they see me”.

In May of 2022, I began a study series at Roaring Eagles Ministry which at that time was based out of Chino California. God had actually led me to this Ministry in 2019 where I visited to hear Prophet Rob Sanchez minister. I would later take SOAR school of prophecy led by the Prophet out of this “home church”. I then started attending Friday nights somewhat regularly the past year and a half or so where Pastor Carlos Becceril taught the Word of God like I had never been taught before. It was in May where Pastor Carlos started a series “Renewing Your Mind” which would transform my mind, heart, and Spirit all together. This past summer of 2022, I had found myself nearing the end of this cycle. I was at a point where I was done not living out my full potential in God’s purpose for me. In July, I was at Refuge Church in Rancho Cucamonga, once again visiting to hear Prophet Rob Sanchez. While waiting for service to begin, God spoke to me through the song “Slow Down” by Jonathan Ogden. God was telling me to “Slow Down”. “I want do a work in you but I need you to slow down and listen so I can give you direction” the Lord revealed to me. There are things I cannot control such as God’s timing, and when He opens doors and closes off others, or when He is ready to bring you in to a new season, but I knew I could control myself, self-control, a fruit of the spirit in fact. ‘”Obedience will be the key to unlocking your Kingdom’s purpose” and “Worship brings Healing” were two solid words God gave me back in the Summer and He showed me things I needed to cut off, sever, and surrender, if I were to experience true Joy and walk in complete freedom. “And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” Matthew 5:30.

I surrendered. With those two powerful, audible, and precise words from God, I surrendered it all. I devoted time each morning in the Secret place, in prayer, praise & Worship, and the Word. I repented and finally understood that God really had forgiven me and that His plans for me are better than my own. Holy Spirit stirred up a fresh fire in me and I began walking in Freedom like I had never experienced before. I finally had the Joy of the Lord, evident by confirmation of those who have seen me since and said they see the joy of God all over me. That’s where I’m at today, October 1st 2022. I am walking in a new freedom and Joy like never before. God has began pouring so much into me, downloading sermons, illustrations, spiritual strategies, prophetic words, and secrets, so much so that I started 5 journals for various categories so as not to lose or forget what God is showing me and speaking to me. I just returned from Washington D.C. last week where I joined Changed Movement to share our childhood stories and Speak Out against conversion therapy bans, religious freedom, Equality Act, and trans issues, standing up to protect our nations children. Later this month, I’ll be heading to Atlanta with some of our SoCal overcomers from our New Hope/White Stones Ministry to join Freedom March. This year, my sister will be joining me, I could not be more stoked. Our ministry here is growing and I’ve gotten locked in Abundant Living Family Church where I’m currently taking their Growth Track class so I can then be of service to my church body. Although the dirty devils minions have been attacking me since D.C., life today is very good. I know there are tough days ahead spiritually, but I’ve learned to let God fight my battles, afterall, victory is already His. Please continue to keep me in prayer through the remainder of this year as I feel this year end will be significant in the spiritual realm. Please message me here as well with any questions or prayer requests as I am here to bring you hope and want to do whatever I can to bring truth with love and understanding to anyone who might have questions about my journey. I am super excited about this blog relaunch and will be much more diligent to share with you some key experiences, lessons, and revelations from God as He permits. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Stay blessed and prayed up. Kindly, Michael.